Music is important for helping children develop confidence by being given the opportunity to creatively express themselves in different ways. At TGPAMV we believe that all children should be given the opportunity to experience a live music performance, learn to play a musical instrument and listen to, create and perform their own music. Although each topic has a different focus, each one should contain at least two of the elements previously listed to enable children to gain a full musical experience. We use ‘Music Express’ as a scheme of learning to support some of our music lessons.

Every child will experience an engaging musical education inside the classroom, and have the opportunity to be involved in life changing extracurricular provision. Music will promote the wellbeing of our students, allowing for creative personal expression as well as inspiring and striving for excellence.

The music curriculum will use the national curriculum as the basis for its planning. All children will be given music lessons by their classroom music teacher at a regular period of time, providing each child with the opportunity to develop musical skills and knowledge across a curriculum map that encourages progress and attainment across the three key music disciplines: performing, composing and listening. Music will be a fun and enjoyable learning experience, contributing to the personal and social development of our children. Teaching will focus on building confidence in our children.

Teachers will acknowledge the varying level of musical ability there may be in their classroom and provide a range of challenge appropriate to the individual needs. Children will listen to a variety of different music, and use this to develop cultural appreciation, as well as developing descriptive skills to demonstrate an understanding of how music can be used to create emotions and moods. Singing will be at the heart of the primary music curriculum, enabling students to learn to sing in tune individually and with others. Every child will learn a musical instrument and perform to an audience. Children will also look at a range of music compositions and consider how sounds are organised and notated.