Physical Education will provide an engaging and purposeful environment in which all children can learn and grow into healthy and active young adults. It will give children the opportunity to take part in a vast array of experiences such as netball, athletics and judo, as well as invaluable extra-curricular activities which will prepare them for a healthy active lifestyle. Physical Education will focus on the holistic development of each individual pupil and promote wellbeing alongside positive mental health and self-esteem.

The Physical Education Curriculum informed by the National Curriculum. All pupils will access two hours of PE per week during their allocated times, which will be led by either a specialist PE teacher or the pupil’s class teacher. This will provide pupils with the opportunity to develop their physical skills as well as other essential cross-curricular skills such as teamwork, leadership and communication. The curriculum map encourages progression of a wide variety of skills through access to numerous different physical activities and sports. Teaching will focus on development of fundamental skills, pupil confidence and understanding of games allowing them to access the different sports, which will enhance the personal and social development of all pupils.

Teachers will provide appropriate challenges for all pupils whilst ensuring every pupil can experience success in each activity. This emphasises the focus that PE has on the development of confidence and self-esteem, encouraging pupils to constantly improve and develop. Whilst schools will have the

opportunity to draw on staff expertise and implement a curriculum appropriate for their school set up, there will also be some non-negotiable subject areas which will be taught to a consistently high standard across the trust, including dance and gymnastics.