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Achieving School Compliant Food Standards for our Students
A lot more is expected from school caterers than in the past. The catering team is now required to provide a food service that is enticing and following the latest food trends.

However, there is also a responsibility to ensure that the food is healthy and meets the nutritional needs for a range of dietary requirements including food allergies, food intolerances, vegan and vegetarianism.

Our approach to achieving the standards ties in with the publication of the Government’s Childhood Obesity Plan and the Sugar Reduction strategy, which have received extensive press coverage, highlighting the effects of a poor diet on child health including dental decay, weight gain and diabetes. As a result, parents have more awareness and interest in the sugar, fat and salt content in their children’s diets and expect school meals to be providing food that is nutritious and of the highest quality.

At Tudor Grange Academy Trust we work closely with our dedicated Procurement Company Pelican to ensure we able to provide all the required resources for our teams to provide freshly made, home cooked food every day for our pupils. This gives our catering managers the basic building blocks on which to plan their menus and enhance their offering as their food budgets allow. Catering managers have found that, by meeting the regulations, it provides peace of mind and a framework to demonstrate to parents that the school meals are of a good standard.

Once our menus are completed at Academy level they are then submitted to the Company Dietician at Pelican Anna-Maria Holt BSc Hons. RD, member of British Dietetic Association and Company Dietitian who reviews them for compliance. Once she is satisfied we have achieved the required standards she issues a compliance certificate for the school to be displayed in the school’s dining and reception areas.