Our mission statement:

To enhance school life at Tudor Grange Primary Academy Meon Vale, enabling every child to reach their potential and lead a happy, fulfilling life.

Our objectives:

Engagement – we aim to bring staff, families and communities together in support of Tudor Grange Primary Academy Meon Vale by organising enriching and enjoyable activities and events;

Fundraising – we will raise money to provide our children with additional resources, equipment and experiences to enhance their school environment and learning opportunities.

The PTA have organised various events and activities since the opening of the school, such as end of term discos, Christmas decoration and card design competitions, bake sales and school tea towels sales. We have also supported school events by selling refreshments at nativity performances and ‘meet the author’ reading events.

Funds raised from these activities contribute towards subsidising the cost of school trips, Christmas gifts for each child, play equipment and other resources that will benefit the children.

Keep an eye on the Tudor Grange Primary Academy Meon Vale Facebook page for news about our upcoming events!

Volunteers are vital to the success of our events – giving up just 30 minutes of your time to help the PTA is invaluable! There are so many ways to get involved and use your skills for the benefit of the school. If you are interested in being involved or have any ideas, please get in touch!

To contact the PTA please email office@meonvale.tgacademy.org.uk with ‘Message for PTA’  in the subject box.