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All children in the Early Years Foundation Stage are offered the maximum opportunity to develop intellectually, emotionally and socially within a safe environment that is both stimulating and caring. A wide range of high quality indoor and outdoor experiences which challenge, stimulate and extend their learning support children in developing their natural desire, interest, excitement and motivation to learn. Children learn to become confident and independent decision makers, ready for the next stage of their primary education. All children are encouraged to develop care, respect and appreciation for others, including those with beliefs, cultures and opinions different from their own.

For Phonics, we follow the Letters and Sounds Scheme, using the Jolly Phonics actions for each sound and Read Write Inc. for letter formations. We use Oxford Reading Tree books as our Reading Scheme.

Curriculum Topics for EYFS


Term Topic
Autumn 1 Into the Woods

  1. Transition and settling sessions
  2. Super Duper Me!
  3. The Gruffalo
  4. Owl Babies
  5. Owl Babies
  6. Goodnight Forest
  7. Goodnight Forest

DOWNLOAD: Topic Map Nursery Autumn 1 2020

Autumn 2 I can see a Rainbow

  1. Elmer and Fireworks
  2. Elmer and Remembrance
  3. Dogs Colourful Day (for 2 weeks)
  4. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?
  5. The Nativity Story (for 2 weeks)

DOWNLOAD: Topic Map Nursery Autumn 2 2020

Spring 1 Our Planet
Spring 2 Amazing Animals
Summer 1 Water, Water Everywhere
Summer 2 Fantasy, Fairy tales and Nursery Rhymes


Term Topic
Autumn 1 Superhero Me

  1. Settling in – starting school stories
  2. Superhero Family
  3. A Quiet Night in / My Family
  4. Introduction to the Oxford Reading Tree reading scheme
  5. Supertato
  6. Superworm
  7. Real life Superheroes
  8. Autumn

DOWNLOAD: Topic Map Reception Autumn 1 2020

Autumn 2 Sparkle and Shine

  1. Autumn/Bonfire Night
  2. Remembrance
  3. Diwali and Anti Bullying Week
  4. Birthdays
  5. Hannukah
  6. Christmas (for 2 weeks)

DOWNLOAD: Topic Map Reception Autumn 2 2020

Spring 1 Once Upon a Time
Spring 2 Incredible Eggs
Summer 1 Beside the Seaside
Summer 2 The Great Outdoors