Early Birds

Age Range: 3 to 11 years

Opening Hours: 7:30am to 8:30am

Staffing Ratio: 1:8 as a minimum (All staff are suitably qualified and experienced)

Cost: £5.00 per session

Early Birds opens at 7.30 am in the Early Years area each morning and runs until the start of the school day. Children can arrive any time from 7.30 am. Our Breakfast Club Leader ensures that the children are provided with a healthy breakfast and engages them in a variety of fun activities until it is time for school.

Children can help themselves to a selection of toast, preserves, cereal, fruit and juice all freshly prepared on the premises. Our youngest children will receive the support they need to ensure that they eat a healthy nutritious breakfast.
Once breakfast has finished children can join in a range of fun activities. The activities are appropriate to the age of the children.

Little Tudors

Age Range: 3 to 4 years

Opening Hours: Morning session 9:00am to 12:00pm and afternoon session 12pm to 3 pm

Staffing Ratio: 1:8 as a minimum (All staff are suitably qualified and experienced)

Cost: £16.25 per session

Little Tudors will offer learning and development opportunities which are focussed on the needs and interests of individual children whilst taking into account the length of the learning day and the prior experiences of morning nursery. Our team of staff will plan and deliver an exciting range of activities interspersed with opportunities to rest and recuperate from all the fun. To ensure that the children benefit fully from all of our wonderful resources and facilities that every opportunity is taken to support their development.

After the children have finished morning nursery, they will eat their lunch supervised by Little Tudors staff. Children may order a hot lunch or bring their own packed lunch. Hot lunches are charged at £2.50 per day.

NOTE: We also provide a Nursery Early Bird session from 8:30am to 9:00am at the cost of £2.50.

Tudor Tea Time/Tudor Teatime Juniors

Age Range: 3 to 11 years

Opening Hours: 3:15pm to 5:30pm

Staffing Ratio: 1:8 as a minimum (All staff are suitably qualified and experienced)

Cost: £11.00 per session

The team of staff will provide all children with the opportunity to play and socialise with friends in a comfortable, happy and secure environment. There will be a range of activities on offer appropriate to the age of the children, such as competitions, arts and craft, cooking, board games, organised outdoor activities, nature trails, homework clubs etc.

Children will be provided with a light snack such as a sandwich to see them through until home time.


Where a child attends an after school activity before arriving at the club fees will be charged from the end of the school day, this secures your childs place in the event of the after school activity being cancelled last minute.

We offer nursery parents (for those that are eligible) the use of the full 30 hours entitlement from the start of term. Funded hours can be used for either the AM session 8:45am to 12:00pm or PM session 12:00pm to 3:00pm. For those parents who are not eligible for the additional hours we will continue to offer 15 hour standard places for AM sessions with the option to purchase afternoon sessions at £16.25 per session.

Parents claiming “additional” hours will be required to register via the government website to confirm eligibility and to obtain a validation code on a termly basis. It is important to note that without a validation code for the current term, the school will be unable to claim the funding for your child. Those who do not provide a code when requested to do so will be subject to standard afternoon session charge.

For further details regarding eligibility or to register, please see the official government website at: www.childcare-support.tax.service.gov.uk/.

Booking Procedure

The timeframe for booking wrap-a-round care is one day before your required booking. This is to provide
parents with more flexibility in booking your wrap-a-round care needs. Our wrap-a-round provision is capped at 16 pupils to reflect the supervision ratios required for the age groups of pupils in our setting and the current staffing available for this provision.

Payment Terms

We do not offer any credit terms for wrap around charges and sessions must be paid for at the
time of booking.

Any ‘ad-hoc or emergency’ bookings for after school club will need to be made through the school
office via telephone and the booking will be made at the discretion of a member of the Senior Leadership Team

Full details of payment terms can be found on the MyChildAtSchool (MCAS) app.

We are also pleased to confirm that we are now able to accept payments for Wrap around services and Nursery sessions via the Tax Free Childcare service which may be of benefit to all parents and carers. To register for this service and for more info please visit www.gov.uk/apply-for-tax-free-childcare

Account Arrears/Non Payment Process

Should your account go into arrears we reserve the right to withdraw further access to our wrap around service until your payments have been brought up to date. If we exercise this right, we will endeavour to contact you by any means available to us to inform you of this and may agree a payment plan with you at our discretion.

Cancellation Policy

Any cancellations are to be made via your MCAS account online at least seven days in advance. If your child will not be attending a session and you are unable to cancel the booking via MCAS, you must inform the school office in order that they can amend the register. Late cancellations, (i.e., less than one day) will be charged at the standard rate regardless of your child’s attendance. Illness will not qualify for an automatic refund and any refunds will be made at the discretion of a member of the SLT.

Non Attendance

If your child will not be attending a booked session due to unforeseen circumstances, we ask that you inform the school office as soon as possible to enable us to keep the session registers up to date. Extended services staff will not allow children to leave unless they have permission from a parent or carer to do so. If a child is booked into extended services fails to arrive, the school will endeavour to contact a parent or carer to ascertain the whereabouts of the child. If the school are unable to contact parents or carers, the child will be deemed as missing and the school procedure for dealing with this will be implemented.


We offer the highest standard of care and education for every child with a varied curriculum, carefully planned activities all of which complement the Early Years Foundation Stage requirements. We ask that each child and their family work in partnership with staff to build a profile of achievements that supports the child on their learning journey and transition in to Primary School.