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A very warm welcome to Tudor Grange Primary Academy Meon Vale. Throughout this website we hope to offer you an insight into the many aspects that will make our wonderful school, opened in 2019, a place to be proud of.

Our vision is to provide an outstanding primary school and nursery dedicated to providing equal opportunities for all within our quickly expanding and developing community. It will provide a hub for a new community formed through the development of Meon Vale for families and support and promote cohesion through the work of the school in what is a unique context for the school and its local communities.

At Tudor Grange Primary Academy – Meon Vale, we are proud to be a school within the Tudor Grange Academies Trust. Aligned to the core values of the Trust and its high ambition and expectations for all, we aim to instil, in every pupil, the behaviour, attitudes and ability to transition through the primary school years successfully to their secondary school education.

At our school, we believe that our pupils should be at the centre of everything that we do. Our core purpose is to raise their aspirations and ensure that all our pupils have the best educational experience possible from their starting points. As part of this we believe every teacher must strive to be an excellent practitioner, delivering outstanding teaching and outcomes. We believe in developing the potential of every child and equipping them with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to enable them to excel and succeed in the future.

We are very excited about developing our school as it grows in pupil numbers and year groups over the coming years. We continue to work passionately with our parents, pupils and the local community to ensure that Tudor Grange Primary Academy – Meon Vale becomes a beacon of excellence. We look forward to welcoming you and having the opportunity to share with you our school’s core values of KINDNESS AND COMPASSION RESPONSIBILITYRESPECT in action.

Suki Powar

TG Rewards

We pride ourselves on our college system that allows all of our pupils to feel part of a smaller community within the Academy.

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