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Welcome to the first year group of Key Stage 1! We aim to build upon the knowledge and understanding that has been learnt in the Early Year Foundation Stage. We also ensure the classroom is welcoming, exciting and stimulating classroom as this is crucial to ensure that children settle quickly into their new learning environment. They will have access to a wide range of high quality experiences/resources that will challenge and extend their learning, whilst enhancing all 11 areas of the National Curriculum. We are passionate about child-led learning and the children will tackle a variety of creative tasks over the school day, independently and in focus groups.

At the beginning of Year 1, the day is run in a similar way to EYFS. Each day the children take part in a variety of formal teacher sessions on the carpet where key skills are taught, followed by a range of structured activities across different areas, including arts, craft and the foundation subjects. Some lessons will be structured as whole class teaching sessions, while others will be run as focus groups. The children will have a sense of autonomy in choosing their when they do their tasks over the day, with the expectation of completing them independently, where possible. The self-chosen activities are purposeful and open ended, offering limitless possibilities and endless interpretations. Phonics, Literacy and Maths are taught daily and your child will bring home phonics, spellings and reading homework after the first few weeks of term.

The afternoon mirrors the morning with a carpet input followed by independent and focus activities in which children are given the time to become absorbed in their own learning. We finish the day with circle times, celebration sessions, music or storytelling.

The children take part in a P.E. session once a week. Due to limited space in the current school building this either takes place in the sports hall next door or on the playground. There are many opportunities offered to the children to support our Creative Curriculum throughout the academic year such as topic celebrations and dressing up days, to name just a few.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Curriculum Topics for Year 1

Term Topic
Autumn 1 Whatever the Weather
Autumn 2 My Local Environment (Stratford-Upon-Avon) – Topic Map
Spring 1 Toy Story
Spring 2 Space – To Infinity and Beyond
Summer 1 Explorers
Summer 2 Dreams and Imagination